Dive Support

With the ability to carry specialist equipment to site using it's powerful deck crane, Ebbsfleet 1 is the perfect dive support vessel.  With a spacious deck, high stability and low freeboard, she really is the best choice.  Add an optional moon pool for additional safety and convenience.

Dredging Support

Dredging support was the original purpose of the multi cat design.  With towing capabilities, a high capacity crane, capstans, deck winches and spud options couple this with with the fact that the vessel has a large stable deck area and is road transportable makes her the most versatile of support vessels.

Cable and Pipelaying

“To boldly go”!  With a shallow draft and twin engines, our vessel will reach places that other vessels will not.  See our specification page and you'll see she will run pipelines and service cables up to the shore.

Civil Engineering Support

Order your vessel with the bow ramps option, add the fact she's road transportable facilitating rapid and efficient deployment and you have the ideal boat for any civil engineering enterprise.  Carrying construction equipment or materials is easy with the powerful crane.  With large tanks (see our spec page) Fuel or potable water may also be transported.


Moorings and Piling

Our design is perfect for laying and retrieving moorings.  When piling,  the twin spuds keep the vessel accurately in place. With the addition of a bow roller and deck winch, the vessel is truly class leading.  For canal works, the vessel can be split into two 3 metre wide sections to traverse locks, before reconnecting and resuming work.

Port Service Vessel

Perfect for tending to merchant ships, delivering stores, potable water and supplies.  Furthermore our vessel can be used for navigational mark servicing, rubbish collection, surveying and fender repairs.

Floating Crane Operation

Ebbsfeet 1 is the perfect floating crane, able to get where other vessels struggle to access.  The remote control option affords the operator complete flexibility of position to control the lift and the 20 tonne standard deck capacity enables the vessel to transport considerable loads.

Fish Farming

The global fish farming industry demands versatility making the Ebbsfllet Marine multi-role vessel the obvious choice for businesses of all sizes.  The smaller operation will have a highly adaptable farm vessel capable of fulfilling multiple roles. The road-transportable version will give the larger multi-site operation the added advantage of being able to transport the vessel by road between sites regardless of weather.

Dry and Liquid Cargo Carrying

Our 16 metre vessel will carry 30 tonnes as deck cargo or 7.4 tonnes of fuel oil and 17.4 tonnes of fresh water. The deck-loading strength of 7.5 tonnes per square metre enables heavy and awkward cargoes to be handled easily.

Oil Spill Clean Up

With rapid deployment capability in an emergency spill situation our vessel can be on site at a moments notice.  With spacious deck and heavy duty crane, deployment of skimmers and the liquid cargo tanks are easily uses as either dispersant tanks or oil collection reservoirs.  The shallow draft allows access to places other vessels will not go, for example, estuaries and shallow marshes.

Wind Farm Support

The shallow operating draft, spacious deck and heavy duty crane makes Ebsfleet 1 the obvious choice for these operations.